I've written stories since I was 10. My very first was a short story I wrote with my best friend, Kathy Kellogg McCalla, about a lost dog. My latest, Mudder, is a mystery for kids aged 8-12 about a deaf Golden retriever.
I've written newspaper stories, magazine articles, short stories, copy for businesses and individuals, and novels. Among all of them I love novels and short stories the best. My first novel, Uneven Advantage, was published in 2001 and I've never looked back. Novels take great gulps of time and I like to drink deeply.

I wrote Uneven Advantage under the pen name Toria Gaunt. I did that in order to separate my adult fiction from my juvenile fiction. 'Toria' is a shortened version of Victoria, my first name, and 'Gaunt' is my Mom's maiden name. Both she and my Dad were voracious readers but Mom was the one who encouraged me to read a lot and write stories. The name is a tribute to her.
I could tell you about the journalism degree or the doctorate in law, but that's not who I am. I am, at my core, a fiction writer. Writing and reading fiction sets my soul free to explore all sorts of things I wouldn't do otherwise.
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