Uneven Advantage

Labels are deceptive. You pick at the sticky stuff underneath, you get the truth.

--Naomi  Booker

Uneven Advantage is a story of suspense that explores the tension between unbridled ambition and personal integrity.

Disillusioned lawyer, Toby Eppes, is quickly drawn into the investigation of a series of car bombings when her friend, Naomi Booker, becomes a suspect.

While the first two bombings cause property damage, the third is fatal. All three bombing victims share a common thread: three years ago they sat as jurors on the same criminal case.

And the defendant is now out on parole.

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What if ...

... you've just moved from Cherry Hill, New Jersey to North Carolina's Outer Banks, you're thrown into a murder mystery, you figure out who killed chef Janine McKellum... and you've just started the 6th grade?

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In this day of wizards and goosebumps,VB Rosendahl revives the good,old-fashioned mystery.

Move over Nancy Drew.

There's a new kid in town.
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