Every fiction writer needs help once in a while. Read the acknowledgements section of any novel -- sometimes they're pages long -- and see what the writer has said about those who've helped her beef up characters, strengthen the plot, or improve the setting.

Bet I can guess the question you're probably asking yourself: Why choose me?Because I know what works. And what doesn't.But there's something you should see first. I don't buy a car without a test drive. And I don't expect you to apply to sign up for my coaching slots without looking at an example of my published work.

Read the first chapter of Uneven Advantage
By now you should've read the chapter and gotten a sense of how I write. Can I guarantee you'll get published after I've helped you? No coach can promise that.

Heck, even Dr. Suess got rejected 127 times ... for Cat in the Hat!

But I can guarantee your story will be stronger after we're done. And you'll learn some techniques you can use on every piece of fiction you craft so each new story is stronger from the start.

Send an email with your name, email address, and type of writing you do (short story, novel, novella, essay...) and I'll write back and ask you to email a chapter or short story.

And your copyright is 100% safe -- I'm only interested in seeing how you write.

If you have written a story or novel that uses excessive violence and pornography, I'm not interested in coaching you. Now, there are times when those elements are intricately tied to the storyline. They key word is "excessive".

Ready to rumble? Let's go!
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