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Sometimes, helping a stranger can get you in trouble…

At Lake Tillotson Sleepover Camp for a two-week stay, Kathy Harmon and her best friend Martha Cunningham - The Warner Mystery Girls - are thrown into the middle of a new riddle. Someone has stolen a St. Christopher's medal, a diary, a bracelet, a silver picture frame, and even Martha's ring!

But Kathy's real trouble starts after she finds a filthy, stinky, not-so-golden Golden retriever tangled in some fishing line on the beach. Because she can't resist his chocolate brown eyes, auburn eyelashes, and caramel colored floppy ears, she calls him Mudder and tries to hide him.

After Mudder gets Kathy tagged as the prime suspect in the camp thefts and makes her fail the camp canoe class, Kathy thinks twice about asking her parents if she can adopt him…even though she's wanted a dog all her life.

At the all-camp treasure hunt, Kathy and Mudder stumble on an old, haunted cabin, find the missing loot…and the thief! Kathy is trapped. How will Martha - and Mudder - get her out of this one?
$12.95 plus $3.00 S&H
(VA residents add 5% sales tax)
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